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Welcome to the sweet sounds of the Sun-Kirtan Experience

Kirtan means to glorify Divinity through sound. Sun-kirtan means complete glorification of divinity. The Sun-kirtan experience is complete glorification of Divinity not only through sound, but through utilisation of all of ones senses in a mood of loving devotion.

This sun-kirtan is the most effective and easy process of enlightenment in this age.

Jaishree, as her Guruji named her, is an RYT (Registered Yoga Teachers Alliance) Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, Ayurveda Consultant, and Kirtan Singer who travels her workshops, retreats, and kirtan offerings all over the globe.  She is dedicated to the path of evolving consciousness and healing.

Deborah Jaishree studied the classic plays and Shakespeare while training at the Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and received her BFA in 1998 with a minor focus in Eastern & Western Philosophy, Ethics, and Religion. She then spent 13 years as a professional actress in New York City and Los Angeles. As a Kirtan singer, Jaishree uses the sacred art of mantra and nam-sankirtan as her vehicle for bliss and connection. She blends her operatic training from the west with her bhakti experiences and realisations from the west to deliver very sweet and heart rending crying of the soul to the Supreme.  Love is her practice. Prem, the highest love, is her goal.

   HEALING THROUGH SOUND                                                                                                          Jagannatha 2

We, at the Sun-Kirtan Experience are very happy to present Jagannatha Dasa to the world. He is truly a priceless gem of healing potency on our planet. His ability to instantly diagnose is described as simply miraculous. Going beyond the physical manifestations of an ailment, Jagannath expertly accesses and resolves the roots of disease, bringing about healing at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Jagannath Dasa has had healing powers from his youth, and humbly states, “I was just born like that”. He works with a myriad of healing modalities that include:


  • Mantras and sound vibrations to heal physical problems, address emotional imbalances, elevate consciousness and broaden one’s awareness


  • Total System Energy Transmissions – to cleanse emotional patterns, restart and reset the physical body, and release karmic knots


  • Healing touch and tapping



Each session with Jagannath is integrated into daily life through a meditation practice personally revealed for and unique to the client.  This makes his healing work easy to translate into personal empowerment and growth through increased ownership of and participation in the self-healing process.

 His clients vary from newborn babies to the elderly. He has worked with MMA fighters, athletes, entertainers, spiritualists, basically every type of person.
He has held seminars and run clinics in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia and India. Although he has a very busy clinic in Europe, he has very graciously accepted to take some time off to offer his services to us in the USA. For this, we are honored and extremely grateful.
Here are a couple of testimonials from people who have been healed by Jagannath. Some of them have never even met him physically.
Maimouna Youssef Solo Artist and ex- lead singer for “The Roots”
My first encounter with Jagannatha was over the phone. I had been having extreme pain in my left knee that would sometimes shoot down my shin causing me great pain and very limited mobility. At the same time I was suffering from prolonged hoarseness in my voice. I was more worried about my voice being hoarse because I am a professional singer. I went to a traditional medical doctor about my knee, and he X-rayed my left knee and said that it was fine, gave me a prescription for pain killers and sent me home with a nice large bill. 3 months later, the pain is still there causing me daily and nightly pain. After one session with Jagannatha over the phone where he prayed for me, I noticed a dramatic improvement in just two days. The pain in my knee was subsiding and my voice was coming back. He gave me mantras to chant, and writing exercises to do regarding acceptance which helped to facilitate so many emotional break throughs on different levels. My relationships with my loved ones improved, and by another two weeks, all of the pain in my knee was completely gone. 4 months later and the pain has never returned. My experience with Jagannatha, has been nothing short of miraculous. Jagannatha provides healing for the mind, body, and spirit.
Francis from Togo, West Africa
I have had an alcohol  and Marijuana problem for 25 years. I have tried to give up my habits many times, but failed. A friend of mine told me about Jagganatha. Without meeting me, Jagganatha diagnosed that due to my habits, my aura was completely broken and consequently, I was very open to being attacked by ghosts.In fact, he said that I was completely haunted. He said that he had a friend that could do what was required to get rid of the ghosts. My boss happily offered to pay the costs. When Jagganatha was asked how the money could be paid to him, as we are in Africa and he in Europe. He replied after a few days and said that he had cleaned my energy field, removed all the ghosts, and strengthened my aura. He said my boss need not worry about payment.  But instead sponsor three girls under the age of 12 years old to school, so that they can have beautiful smiles on their faces. Now, I no longer have mood swings as I used to have. My wife, family, and work colleagues are amazed at the change in me. I am so,so grateful to Jagannatha.  
                      CLEARING AND ALIGNMENT
Kunja Bihari loves to help souls move forward towards a life of excellence, in alignment with their Essence.  Kunja’s work photo (1)comes from the belief that you are already brilliant, talented and successful.  He uses a variety of modalities and tools to hold the space for the Highest Good to manifest through your life.  These include:Kinesiology
Quantum Healing
QHHT (Quantum Hypnosis Healing Therapy
EFTFor 25 years Kunja Bihari has been living between Brazil and India, where he takes spiritual shelter from the ancient lineage of Bhakti Yoga, or the yoga of devotion.  Everything that he does is performed in a mood of service that honors and celebrates your innate wisdom and eternal spiritual identity.  Whether you are struggling with health issues, physical or emotional pain, sleeping disorders, money issues, etc. Kunja catalyzes core shifts into balance, harmony and peaceful power.

Lila-kirtan, “the spoken word, with musical accompaniment”

A mantra meditation session which will be done with visualisation techniques. A short talk explaining the significance of meditation and the yoga system. Lastly, we will introduce you to prasada-yoga, linking with the divine through a sumptuous vegetarian feast.Our prasada- yoga is one of our most popular parts of the events because it contains a most precious element: L&D, love and devotion.Our events are totally inter-active and ecstatic.

So we invite one and all to turn on to the “Sun-kirtan experience” and bathe in it’s soothing rays.

Swami B.V. Ashram continues to attract audiences all over the world with his penetrating descriptions of life in this material world contrasted with the sublime process of Bhakti-yoga by which one can attain ecstasy of the soul. He personally counsels government leaders, regularly lectures in University settings, helps industrialists, and advises those in the spiritual arena to understand their spiritual wealth.

“The time each human being has on this earth is a precious gift. It is an invaluable opportunity to awaken realisation of the self.” Swami B.V.Ashram

To experience Sun-Kirtan yoga please watch the following videos:

The “Sun-kirtan experience” consists of bhajans led by any one of our bhajaneers.

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